What is sexwork?

When are you a sexworker and the importance to tear down stigma…

There are so many types of sexwork, from tantrica to striptease dancer to street prostitution and there are so many souls looking for a fulfilling sexual experience… every person has a sexuality… even when you don’t do anything sexual then you are cut of from your sexuality but that is also a form of, you get what I mean? So why do we all feel that as long as it fits inside a socially acceptable norm.. ok but.. what would the neighbors say if….

Let’s cut the crap and own our sexy nature… use this magical energy and share it with whom that feels right in that moment without feeling shame, guilt ect. As long as it is in mutual consent. So I work with sensuality and sexuality and in a hands on way… so am I then a sextherapist or a sexworker? The general public view on sexwork overall is not a very positive one, but this industry is so important and sexwork is work!

Offcourse there are a lot of shady things going on in this area and (with that in so many other area’s of the world) yes this definitely needs the proper attention. But don’t forget that there are also a lot of sexworkers who choose to do this work and actually enjoy it! And with that also really give something special to a seeker in intimacy.

So let’s bring in the light … create the opportunity for openness in sexuality and sexwork.

It would also be a huge step to a-knowledge the importance of every persons sexuality and if you want to learn and grow in your sexuality you can explore with a partner, explore the internet, you can follow the tantric path, but to learn to communicate your desires and experience hands on how it is to be held in a safe space without judgement is a real way of getting to know yourself and honor your sensuality..somehow if you seek spiritual guidance it’s fine to see a expert, when your muscles hurt you see a specialist, but when it comes to sexual healing and development..ahh it’s something awkward to talk about over dinner…. let’s give each other some space here…

Just saying let’s not judge a book by it’s cover and break down this stigmatic wall and create safe work enviroments for sexworkers, safe rules and regulations, take care to facilitate counseling and learning opportunities for sexworkers.

I see a humanity that is growing more conscious every day, but yet for people in this industry there are more and more limitations that actually only increase the problems our government claim to want to overcome. We (an amazing team I am currently working with) are creating a big project to really spread some sexwork possitivity now and hope to share more on that with you as soon as I can.

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