Surrender to the art of receiving

Surrender to the art of receiving

Often we are so busy doing, planning, strategizing, pleasing …that we don’t even notice what we actually receive…or worse block our energy to receiving flow all together.

To receive you need trust

Be it in the universe, someone else or just life and especially yourself. When it comes to sexual connections with others… slow down… communicate your desires and then let go, let the moment guide you (when you feel safe and properly connected) take a moment to not need to know what happens next and feel every touch.. breathe every stroke in. Absorb the energy given to you… make eye contact… accept all the attention that comes your way, before intercourse concentrate on your yoni/lingham and open yourself to truly let the other in/on, invite them consciously. Feel how your energies connect and be aware of how your body and breath want to move, make the noises that your body wants to release. Let your connections guide you without thinking what the other needs or would want or might think of you…

This is also good to practice during self pleasure.. light a candle , put on some smooth music and just touch yourself every where, move , breathe , moan, take it slow and feel where you want to be touched and caressed, listen to the language of your sensual vibe… this is how you really learn to listen to your higher sexyness.

Kink is also an awesome way to surrender in submission (if you start to explore this make sure you know what you are doing and with who, be safe and responsible and always be clear and open about your boundaries). Become receptive.. your sensual flow knows exactly what your body craves in the moment and when in connection also exactly what your partners desires are and you can, in this sexual connection become a cosmic union.. like going from 3D to 7D … oef… and thats hot.

Enjoy your juicy surrender

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