Turn on, Turn up… just for you

And so good for many things…

  • stress relief
  • helps you know what you want to receive with a partner
  • stimulates self-love
  • can provide a positive conscious connection to your body
  • it literally creates, if it’s work or love or anything you want to manifest..sexual energy is your fuel
  • clears your mind
  • makes you more creative

Really take time for yourself…build up the tension, keep on breathing it deeper and deeper until you nearly burst and your sexual energy really wants to explode out of you and then release… boom!

And don’t be afraid of change, if you are used to porn, try something meditation-style with sensual-music and a very sexy energy of your preference…. and move… touch… make noise! Or maybe try it in a different place that you would really not tell your granny about…

Explore and enjoy!

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