About Me


Pleased to meet you… Who am I and what can I do for you?

I am Gabrielle and my business is Sense-Usual & ….’make it your usual habit to honour your senses’ is my Quote…. I am a teacher in sensuality and as a sextherapist / sexuologist (i.t.) I combine knowledge, bodywork, energywork and also use tantra & concious kink for personal development or therapy and am co-founder of a large project that I wil share with you soon .. but back to ‘who I am’

In de previous decade that I have been working as a therapist/bodyworker I discoverd that there was a reacurring theme, that actually went even further back… sexuality….

When I was a young playful flirty girl in my teens/twenties, I was very open minded and free spirited and open in my sexuality, and really noticed the society stigma and judgement, as I liked to play with that a little , shaking things up a bit… I always had some ‘naughty or cheeky’ project going on, I felt free, but as I grew up and wanted to be a ‘good’ citizen I actually lost my sparkle and lost my sexual fire.. lucky for me I learnt a beautiful way of connecting with my sexy self again and it worked out even richer and playfuller than before…and in a society that wants you to be the holy mother mary I found my way in accepting my inner-whore. so I started recognizing this with my clients, your sensuality is the core of your creative flow and life force so if you ignore this , you are really only living a half life. This became my core business.

The most empowering result on breaking down the stigma and releasing fear of judgement on my own story is that I can hold space for you to become aware and open up in communication about your sensuality and own your true desires.
My vision: That everybody gets the opportunity to explore their sexuality in a healthy and safe way, that people step out of their ego and look at each other in love, understand the importance of their sexual energy and find balance their masculine & feminine. The world becomes a shame free energy To raise our vibrations together, lift each other up and break taboo & stigma on sexual self and identity.

Where you love yourself unconditionally and trust yourself and defiantly don’t compare yourself to or judge ….respect others choices in sexuality.
This is beyond gender, we are all masculine & feminine so let’s really own them, trough healing, ritual, gaining knowledge & education, sharing, caring, playing & communicating together. Just able to be the highest authentic juicy version of you. Services and teachings are always based on transparency, mutual concent, self responsibility and communication. Your connection to your sensuality is the foundation of pleasure in life and your creativity.
It’s our true nature and yes…. we are allowed to experience it to the fullest. In our own sacred way.
Exploring your erotic intimacy gives you the power to loose yourself for a moment and then redefine your true nature….Make it a habit to honor your senses.

My mission:

My mission is to be an example in freeing myself from the burden of stigma, teach rituals, create a safe space for seeking souls who wish to explore their sexuality. To facilitate and work with people trough bodywork and teachings, to break down stigma. To open up the path for humanity to get the most out of their sexuality and how to use this creative energy to manifest your highest potential, and on a larger scale I am building a bridge to create more options for positive growth in the sexwork industry.. something very welcome I think! (more about this at a later stage)

My Goals:

My goal is to be as open and transparent as possible, whilst offering everybody I work with safe discretion of course.. If you like you can share your experience with me to inspire others, but staying anonymous just as fine. I am teaching sexworkers in different areas at the moment, my goal is to expand these trainings and make them accessible to a broader public.
As I am focussing on a bigger goal, my one on one sessions wil become limited and I prefer to work in a setting of a few pre- planned sessions so we can work towards your goal in an efficient way yet you still have my undivided attention.

And I will especially be working on our the project …. wich I will enthusiastically fill you in soon soon soon…

Are my services for you?:


  • are curious to explore your sexuality
  • want to grow in your sensual connection to yourself or with a partner.. you are ready to become the masculine and the feminine in one and the holy mother mary & your innerwhore combined.
  • seek healing/development trough touch and breath work, experience how it is to be held in a safe space to release negative feelings about your sexuality.
  • want to(Re)build a healthy connection with your sexy-self through ritual and selfplessuring.
  • learn how to set boundaries in a firm but loving way whilst honoring the sensual.
  • learn how to create sexmagic…
  • want to learn how to release control and surrender.
  • basically you want to start playing again!
  • learn how to tap in to the cosmic and earthly sexual energy so your sexual experiences are way more hightend.
    does this feel like you? You are so welcome.